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The Dhaba Walla Comes to Toronto!

As if in response to my ongoing anxiety about the lack of good indian food within a reasonable proximity to my downtown Toronto workplace (to which I will be returning after a year of leave in a little over 2 weeks), the fates have blessed me with Tiffinday. Modeled on the idea of the subcontinental lunch phenomenon known as dhaba walla and built on a foundation of sustainability in the city, the company can provide you with a hot and healthy Indian meal for about the same price as your average food court lunch in the downtown core.

Founded on the premise that everyone has the right to delicious and nutritious meals, our commitment to environmental responsibility and enriching our community is evident in every facet of the business – from our reusable tiffins for meal delivery, to providing a living to those who face barriers to employment.

Meals are apparently prepared in the off hours at Udupi Palace, one of my favorite all-veg haunts in the Indian Bazaar neighborhood in East Toronto. Tiffinday has also partnered with Good Foot Delivery, a point-to-point delivery company that employes developmentally disabled persons. So, on top of just generally being potentially awesome as a method of getting delicious food into my belly, they’re also considerably focused on sustainability and social responsibility. Check, check and um… ya: check.

While I have obviously have yet to try this service on for size myself, I am actually listing this on (sadly short) list of reasons I’ll be happy to return to work.

I’ll post an update as soon as I have an experience to share (and the heat has worn off my tongue).



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