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Microwave Potato Chips {recipe}

Got a microwave, a spud, some parchment paper, the muchies, and 5 minutes of willpower? You are well on your way towards a delicious and potentially radioactive treat. For those with a healthier or low-carb mindset, I’m also happy to report that this trick will apparently work just as well with sweet potatoes. This leads me to believe that other lovely and flavorful starchy vegetables (beets, parsnips, etc) are probably good candidates for this procedure. Continue reading


Fast and easy kale {recipe}

Kale is easy and, despite its status as a hardy brassica, it can also be quick. Add some raisins and tofu, serve over rice; now you’re talking about a quick and easy potential kid-pleaser that should be on every weeknight go-to list. My fast and easy kale recipe began as an adaptation to one of … Continue reading

Easiest of easy muffin recipes.

Muffins are, without a doubt in my mind, the easiest and most joyful breakfast item possible. They are practically instantaneous, and kids love them regardless of their bran content. A few years back, we stayed at a fabulous bed and breakfast in the Bruce Peninsula where the owner and chef– a fabulous lady named Ruth– … Continue reading

Food for the sickie’s soul

My family has been taking it in turns to fall prey to the dreaded vernal equinox flu, and today it is apparently my turn. So, since this warmed my soul so much I though today’s post would be in its honour: Sunday Supper’s white bean and shitake soup. Now, if I could only get the … Continue reading

An actually easy bread recipe.

There’s something just so… something… about home-baked bread. It’s one of those things that has an inexplicable level of comfort associated with it, yet is apparently not regularly found any more. I honestly don’t think I know anyone that actually attempts to bake their family’s supply (though I would be very pleased to be proven … Continue reading


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