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Shopping online for the look you love

Pssst. I have a secret. I hate shopping for dresses. I know: weird right?

I wish I could say my distain for this very womanly of pastimes is for easily guessed reasons, that my change-room demons prohibit my enjoying the hunt for the perfect frock, but the truth is I’m just too damn picky.

I love a tailored look, but this an aesthetic rarely found on a hanger and I lack the funds for bespoke. Mid-century retro often comes close, but I lack a waist and so I can’t really pull off the requisite hourglass. I could go mod, but the mini dress is not and never shall be work-appropriate, nor are they wise with the bending over one does regularly in tending young children.

So what’s a girl to do?

The mall is, in my experience, rarely anything but frustrating. The Internet, on other hand, is always obliging if you are willing to take the great leap into the online buying space. Sure it’s intimidating. There are no change rooms and there is always the possibility that a garment won’t fit or really doesn’t suit.

But where initial peace of mind may be lacking there are scads of deals to be had and, of course, more options than you can shake a credit card at. Here are some of my favourites.

Very feminine and very chic, if lace is your thing than you need not look any further. Shipping is reasonably priced and occasionally a bit on the slow side, mind you there are a few thousand kilometers between their door and mine, so that’s hardly not understandable.

Mod Cloth
These guys are a staple in the e-commerce apparel market. Their website has a strong community sharing some great insight on most pieces. Every account is well-stocked with browsing and buying features, and the inventory is vast. Shipping is quite pricey to Canada (though it may not be so bad domestically), but you can usually come up ahead if you team up with friends for a big order.

Shabby Apple
Heading straight down the retro vintage alley, Shabby apple has some fabulous looks. I’ll admit I’ve not indulged here as yet, but it really is only a matter of time. I’ll update here once I do.

Ah, Anthoropologie, how do I love thee… Let me count the ways… Or rather lay me count the wounds you’ve inflicted on my bank account. Pricy, but beautiful, this is where I spoil myself.

Based in the UK, this one is nominated for the ‘most likely to make your head explode due to over stimulation’. There are more lovely options than a person could shake a stick at. Come to think of it, it’s entirely possible that they actually carry the stick that you would shake. Ya. Mega-inventory.

How ’bout you? Where would you shop?



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