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Easter is still Easter, even when the eggs don’t go right.

My family has never been terribly festive when it comes to Easter. Most years my brother and I would wake up to a couple bowls of little chocolate eggs, a chocolate bunny, maybe some of that colorful plastic straw stuff. We would set up egg hunts for each other, sometimes so challenging we would still … Continue reading

DIY star projector

I’ve always had a soft spot for space. Stars and planets and everything bigger and beyonder are just too enticing not to stoke the imagination. Of all the various places in Toronto that have memberships and whatnot, the Science Centre is the only one we have committed to, and the planetarium there is usually the first place … Continue reading

DIY Bird Feeder

In celebration of today’s lovely weather (after the morning’s thunderstorms cleared it was a balmy 17 degrees Celsius or so in Toronto), I decided that tomorrow’s science project with my daughter will be this one of these fantastic and simple bird feeders. What makes bird feeders a nice project to do is how easy they are to make.  … Continue reading

DIY String Garden

The good ladies over at design*sponge have shown me perhaps one of the most alluring diy projects to hit my “goodness I must do that this weekend” lists in some time. The result is basically a little garden ball thing that hangs from your ceiling. What is not so apparent from that description, though, is … Continue reading

DIY Chalkboard Block Puzzle

This is by far the coolest and easiest (and funnest) little DIY gift I’ve seen in a long time. You don’t need words to know what’s going on here. As with the toy, all you need is a little creative thought. DIY Holiday Gift: Chalkboard Block Puzzle | Momtastic.


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