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Quick relief from cold symptoms {tip jar}

Quick cold relief tipMost people have figured out by now that eucalyptus and mint are awesome tools in the naturopathic war on cold symptoms, but it has recently surprised me how little people seem to make use of this connection aside from vaporub rub-downs. There’s so many other ways to find relief with this stuff! My favourite during a recent bout of influenza is probably the easiest.

Those that know me are probably familiar with my affinity for handkerchiefs over kleenex tissues. That’s kind of an integral part of this tip, but there’s no reason why you can’t adapt the idea to suit your own habits and preferences. I really would recommend something more substantial than a tissue for this, but there’s no saying using your sleeve would be a bad idea in a pinch (as it often does when sneezes come unannounced).

All you do is give your hankie a quick spritz or drizzle of your favourite minty or eucalyptusy blend. You could go with a few drops of straight essential oil, or do as I do. Just mix a 3:1 mix of water and olive oil (or your favorite conditioning carrier oil) in a little spritz bottle or atomizer, then add a few drops of mint and/or eucalyptus oil to that. The spritz goes a lot further, and the oil will add a nice conditioning agent for your poor nose. You can buy such concoctions if you’re not feeling the DIY vibe, but when its so easy to begin with why not?

Whenever you want need a little relief from your nasal misery, just hold your hankie near your nose and inhale (as best you can). As an added bonus, every time you sneeze or blow into your hanky you’ll get a little hit while you’re there. You’ll probably have to recharge your hankie after a couple hours. By that time, though, you will likely be needing a fresh one anyway so that’s hardly a disappointment, is it?

It’s a small thing for such a long post, but it really does make the difference for a couple hours at least.



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