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Goulash like object

My mom used to cook this meal. I think there’s a good chance yours did too.


For some mothers, this dish would include a box of some kind. The box would include a flavor pack and the resulting dish would be a somewhat zesty affair. My own mother did this sometimes, but more often then not it was a simpler process involving no boxes or flavor packets. She called this very humble meal ‘goulash’.

Years and experience have taught me that my mom’s goulash is not terribly authentic. I would probably be accurate in saying its really not goulash at all. But it remains so labelled in my mind due to habit, homage, and for lack of any better name for it.

And now it’s my turn to make this dish. But how to approach it? Do I stick to the tried and true, I do I tinker?

I think I may tinker. While tonight’s meal was enjoyable, I think it a touch bland for my now-developed palate. But where to take it? Starting with a simple tomatoe gravy, one really could go anywhere. Masala, merinera, Mexican, really literally anywhere.

Where would you go?



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