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Microwave Potato Chips {recipe}

Got a microwave, a spud, some parchment paper, the muchies, and 5 minutes of willpower? You are well on your way towards a delicious and potentially radioactive treat. For those with a healthier or low-carb mindset, I’m also happy to report that this trick will apparently work just as well with sweet potatoes. This leads me to believe that other lovely and flavorful starchy vegetables (beets, parsnips, etc) are probably good candidates for this procedure. Continue reading


Printable Paper Dolls

My daughter’s favorite app on my iPhone is a kind of digital paper doll. It’s called Adora Dear and it is probably the best 99 cents I’ve spent in the iTunes store. The interface is fabulous, the variations are pretty much unlimited, and the girl absolutely loves it. But it got me thinking about the … Continue reading

Product review: Givenchy Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation

If you’re looking for 100% coverage without looking like you dove face-first into a vat of taupe buttercream, look no further. This foundation from Givenchy is lightweight, solid, and may well last an eternity.

Shopping online for the look you love

Pssst. I have a secret. I hate shopping for dresses. I know: weird right? I wish I could say my distain for this very womanly of pastimes is for easily guessed reasons, that my change-room demons prohibit my enjoying the hunt for the perfect frock, but the truth is I’m just too damn picky. I … Continue reading

Review: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke My rating: 4 of 5 stars While not a book for everyone, I do admit there is a lot here to enjoy. It is not a page-turner, and it does not feature the expected archetypes of the genre. It occupies a strange place between fantasy and history … Continue reading


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