Once upon a time, wives wore poodle skirts, pinned their hair, and made casseroles with condensed soups. They took care of the kids and had plastic well… everything. Maybe they managed the finances, but they definitely didn’t bring home the bacon.  They were subservient and lacked any form of spunk whatsoever.

Those days are over. In their wake is the new and improved Wifie– a dynamic and capable person of great knowledge and know-how. The modern wife is very often a working one, somehow managing to balance all of the duties and expectations given their predecessors on top of those previously resting entirely on a spouse’s shoulders. They think fast, and type faster.

But this is not a natural state of being! This is a state of being learned through gross amounts of trail and error, and an insane amount of late-night or nap time Google-ing.

This site speaks to the 21st century wife in all her glory. It is for you, of you and about you. May it save you one or two searches.


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