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Easter is still Easter, even when the eggs don’t go right.

Pink and Soft Boiled Easter EggsMy family has never been terribly festive when it comes to Easter. Most years my brother and I would wake up to a couple bowls of little chocolate eggs, a chocolate bunny, maybe some of that colorful plastic straw stuff. We would set up egg hunts for each other, sometimes so challenging we would still be finding strategically placed eggs in plants well into the autumn.

As a mom now, I am still not entirely up to standard with the great bunnied holiday. I hide eggs for the kids, sure, and this year’s hunt was actually pretty exciting now that my eldest is old enough to care beyond the desire to eat the chocolate we are finding.

The eggseption (gross apologies) is with the tradition of painting eggs. This I love. However, not having much in the way of understanding of the process, I have deferred to the hubby to lead the process most years. His traditional British upbringing has seen him decorate many an egg under his mum’s guidance. Unfortunately, time and his only occasional attention to detail has led to some pretty freeform results thus far.

So this year I took the reigns. It can’t be that hard, right? I don’t need no stinking Walmart dye kit. I’ve dyed yarn dammit. I can do eggs!

Well, this year’s eggs were not so successful. I wanted to dye prior to soft boiling, and all the dye boiled off. What were glorious and vibrant and inspired by the verdant growth outside became a subtle and consistent wash of pale pink.

But they were tasty and we had fun. That said, in prep for next year, I hope someone will point me to a tutorial that will put me back abound the ranks of the capable.



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