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WonderWash portable clothes washing machine

The strangest thing about the WonderWash portable clothes washing machine isn’t its size. It isn’t its simplicity. Its not even its name (“Sputnik”? Really?). It’s how much I want one just to see if it works as well as the video says it does…

Basically, it’s a centre-mounted barrel with a hatch and a spout. You put water, clothes and detergent in the hatch. Then you spin the thing around for a few minutes, then you drain. Then you add some more water, spin some more and drain. Then, I guess if you really want, you can rinse and spin again. And you’re done. That’s it.

And it’s less than $60. Seriously.

So, immediately after watching the video, and after reeling your jaw off the floor, I had no less than 3 things I could use it for:

  1. Unmentionables and other delicates
  2. Kitchen cloths and cleaning rags (I could even store the thing under the sink its so small! Soak them in oxy in the thing, dump it, then take them for a spin, ünd voila. They never have to leave the kitchen. Ya, I could totally do that.)
  3. Occupying my toddler while I’m cooking.

Check out the video here if you don’t believe me:

Shipping to Toronto from Portland is probably just silly, but the exchange on the dollar right now would probably make it worth it… and, you know, my birthday is only a few months from now… and, well, its ever so eco-conscious. Look how little water it takes…

WonderWash Portable Clothes Washing Machine



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