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DIY String Garden

DIY String Garden

The good ladies over at design*sponge have shown me perhaps one of the most alluring diy projects to hit my “goodness I must do that this weekend” lists in some time. The result is basically a little garden ball thing that hangs from your ceiling. What is not so apparent from that description, though, is that they are dripping with simplicity and beauty.

The process is, as any quality DIY project should be, insanely simple. Given a bit of time to make sure you have the right gear for the job (this particular project requires a bit of specialized soil) and in no time you will have something pretty much guaranteed to make you sigh with bliss every time you see it.

I plan to do this with some pretty little flowers that have already started to pop up at our corner variety store as soon as humanly possibile.

Design*Sponge | diy project: “kokedama” string garden.

For some extra inspiration, check out the pictures at http://www.stringgardens.com/



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