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Plastic free way to line your diaper pail {tip jar}

In our early days of diapering, we used a lot of different diaper pail systems. We used a crazy flip top diaper pail for the first while, but quickly switched to a plain old bucket and lid diaper pail. At that point, we were happy patrons of a local diaper service. They gave us new filters and plastic bags for our diaper pail every week, and we never had to think too hard about it.

It wasn’t until we opted to buy and wash our own diapers that we started to think strategically about our diaper pail use. Did we really need to line our diaper pail with a plastic bag?

After a few tries at this, the obvious answer was “no.” Using a plastic back to line our diaper pail meant that, come laundry time, we had a diaper pail full of sweating, festering diapers that we had to pick out of the bag then toss into the washing machine. And for our reward we had a stinky, slimy plastic bag to throw in the garbage (because we were so not going to be reusing that!).

The answer was pretty simple: make a couple of large bags out of a yard or two of cheap fabric and use that to line your diaper pail. The fabric will breath, meaning you’ll have less sweaty diaper pail issues, and you can wash the bag along with the diapers. You don’t have to be fancy or anything. In fact I’m sure this is the perfect kind of thing the kids would love to have a hand in, as it is quite possibly the easiest sewing project on earth.

It’s also the perfect project for that orphan flat sheet we all have wallowing in out linen closets…



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