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Viva la India {Mealplan Fodder}

I do loves me some Indian food. Naturally, its something there’s a lot of in Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian. Understandably, there’s been more than a few Indian meals over the last few weeks at our house.

Some of the dishes we’ve featured:

  • Carrots with fresh cilantro (we will be doing this again, this time with the more authentic fenugreek leaves, methi.)
  • Beet and Mushroom curry  (shorvendar chukandar aur khumbi – as suprisingly delicious as it is hard to say)
  • Mung bean daal in several forms
  • Moghlai-style chick peas (moghlai chanay)
  • Indian chickpea flour “french fries” (so good, so dangerous. Oil-burned fingers couldn’t keep me from snacking pre-mealtime)
  • Tomatoes with fresh indian cheese (timatar paneer. There are no words for how easy and fantastic this dish is)
  • Spinach and indian cheese (Saag Paneer)

There’s probably been more, I just can’t remember them all. What is surprising, though, is that every last one has been absolutely awesome. Not a single dud in the bunch, which is rare for a cookbook. Any cookbook.

Suffice it to say there will likely be more as this month comes to a close.

Mealplan fodder is essentially a month-long focus on a single cookbook. I will generally refer to the selected cookbook and only that cookbook as inspiration for the filling in of a month’s worth of meals. I always try to do a plan for at least a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. I find this to be a huge time-saver, and would highly recommend giving it a whirl.


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