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DIY Ruby Slippers. You know you want some.

DIY Ruby Slippers
My daughter had a Wizard of Oz party for her third birthday, and what kind of mother would I be if I had denied her her very own pair of ruby slippers? The trouble is, of course, ruby slippers are not exactly an off-the-shelf item. This is a call for: glitter madness!

Making your own ruby slippers isn’t a dfficult thing, but it does require a lot of patience. First things first: get the man-man out of the way. Not only will his propensity to over-engineer things slow you down, but his lack of  understanding that “yes every girl wants a pair of ruby slippers and no we shouldn’t ask her first” will be disruptive.

Next up, gather your ruby slipper making gear:

  • pair of dainty shoes of appropriate size
  • red acrylic paint
  • smallish craft brush
  • glitter spray paint
  • spray adhesive
  • 2 types of red glitter
  • spray sealant
  • paper towels

Now that you’re stocked, stuff a few paper towels into your shoes. Basically you’re looking to keep the inside of the shoes from being rubied, so don’t worry too much about compaction or perfection.

The first real step here is to give the steps a good base of red paint on which to put your ‘rubies’.  Depending on the colour of your shoes to begin with, this could be a matter of a quick coat. For me, since my shoes were white to begin with, it took three coats. Take your time here, and don’t skimp on the intervals between coats. Making sure that each coat is completely dry before moving on to the next will make the difference between your ruby slippers lasting an afternoon or a month of playdates. Believe me: your patience will indeed be rewarded.

Once your base-coat is complete and you’re 100% dry, its time to head out of doors. Why? Because we’re dealing with propellants, of course, and that means stinky (amoung other things).

Next we will start glitzing up your shoes with a few coats of spray glitter. The idea here is just to start the ruby process. You’re not looking for 100% glam off the get-go. Just a good fleck on which to build on. What is more, if your spray is like my spray, you will find it frustratingly impossible to get as much glitter on to begin with as you would probably be inclined to want. Two good coats of the glitter (again, with ample drying time in between) and you’re ready to move on.

Once you’re good and dry its time to fling some glitter. I chose two types– one large flake translucent sort more for texture, and another down right ruby. Spray the shoes with a quick and thorough coat of adhesive and then sprinkle, pat and rub the texture flakes to get an even amount all over the shoe. Spray some more glue and repeat with your second glitter. Repeat the glittering process until you’re happy with the look.

At this point its a good idea to set your shoes aside (protected from the cat, kids, hubby, etc) for a good 12 hours, just to be sure that all you’re many layers are good and dry before sealing them with the spray varnish (again, you’ll want to step outside for this please).

You should now be the proud owner of your very own (or you’re little one’s very own) ruby slippers: guaranteed to have someone over the rainbow with joy.

In all cases, especially with the spray products, please read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.



2 thoughts on “DIY Ruby Slippers. You know you want some.

  1. Very cute! I have one question: Did you end up with a trail of red glitter everywhere?

    Posted by Rene | August 11, 2012, 12:20 am

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