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March’s Mealplan Fodder: Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian

I picked up this tome of all-veg insanity a while back after having borrowed it from the local library on a hit of vegetarian impulse. I tried one recipe (Kolothikapita) at that time and it rocked my socks off. Since purchasing it, however, it has languished on my cookbook shelf, wearing its intimidating size as a warning: there’s a lot to digest here without lifting a single carrot.

Watch for  coming updates featuring specific recipes from World Vegetarian as I foray into its ample depths. Those posts may be lightly seasoned with immutable references to meaty things (did someone say bacon?) but, if the early experiences are any indication, there is deliciousness to be had here.

March has come in like a lamb– not sure if lentils is a good way to fatten him up for the lion, but we’ll do our best.

Update March 31: The Verdict

While not for the light of heart (or barren of pantry), Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian is a winner. Not one recipe out of the dozens that I tried was sub-par; in fact many exceeded my expectations. If ever there was one book I would recommend for someone as a good starting point for ethnic vegetarianism, this would likely be it. While it leans considerably on Indian cuisine, there’s enough global variety here to keep you on your toes.

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Mealplan fodder is essentially a month-long focus on a single cookbook. I will generally refer to the selected cookbook and only that cookbook as inspiration for the filling in of a month’s worth of meals. I always try to do a plan for at least a week’s worth of meals ahead of time. I find this to be a huge time-saver, and would highly recommend giving it a whirl.




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