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Longing for the long-lost nightie

Once upon a time, little girls wore little dresses to bed. They were called nighties and they were like long simple cotton shirts. They didn’t have princesses or Doras on them. They were usually some comfortable, breathable material like cotton or linen.

That was then. This is now: polyester faux-fleece atrocities that scream dedication to the royal house of Mickey in it’s various guises. Pajamas guaranteed to make late-night trips to the bathroom as difficult ad humanly possible.

But stay! What’s this? A breath of breathable fabric? A whiff of mostly white? Could it be?

Ladies, I give you So Good Night, a UK based purveyor of quality traditional children’s nightwear. Choose from several gloriously simple designs in lovely cotton, and then smile sweetly while relishing in the satisfaction of having tucked in your very own Laura Ingles/Anne Shirley/miniature Elizabeth Bennet.

Also of note:
Bon Nuit (UK)
Nightie Night (UK)
Not On High Street (UK)




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