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DIY Reflexology: Love your feet and the rest will follow.

Sometimes one can simply wait no longer for a foot rub. I’ve tried asking, but it always seems to be such a chore for my husband. It’s time to take matters into my own hands.

To that end I give you: DIY Reflexology, coming to you courtesy of Gwyneth Paltrow’s sinful display of things she can attain and you probably can’t, GOOP. According to Chantel C. Lucier of Angel Feet in New York:

Stress is linked to so many ailments, what better than a reflexology session (especially at home!) to calm the nervous system and send the message to the body to relax?! Reflexology has been found to be helpful in the reduction of tension and stress, promoting balance, improving circulation and can assist in one’s own healing process.

So get to your own healing, I say! Hit the site, check the charts, and then let your fingers soothe what is normally doing the walking. Now you can feel welcome in asking your hubby to fetch you another glass of wine, or brush your silken locks, or peel you a grape…

GOOP.com: D.I.Y. Reflexology



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