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Washroom etiquette for the frustrated.

There are some things that go without saying. And then there are those things that should go without saying, and yet somehow don’t. And then there are those things that are so basic that they should go beyond mentioning and yet inexplicably remain unobserved. In my experience, public washroom etiquette remains somehow in the latter.

I have taught my 2 year old daughter the basics of proper ‘loo use, and I hope daily that she will continue to follow these guidelines throughout her life (and would laugh accordingly if she continues to sing the sesame street counting to 20 song while she washes her hands into her adult years). But I do find myself often wondering why so many women seem to be missing the basics. I can’t imagine that they never learned…

And so it is to you– any woman that has ever used a public lavatory– that I give this link. Be ye a flush-a-phobic, a hoverer, a seat-liner,  a counter-bogarter, or an innocent bystander saddled with the great and terrible burden of having to use a ‘loo in their wake.

Lady DeWinter’s Guide to Modern Etiquette: Public Washrooms..



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