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Give your needles a Manicure {tip jar}

If your like me then you’ve got a lot of knitting needles laying about. Some of these will have their size nicely labeled by the manufacturer. Sadly, many won’t. So what does one do when these get out of their little organizer pocket shy of reaching for the never convenient enough needle guage?

Label them, of course.

There are plenty of ways to go about doing this, but my method of choice involves nail polish and dots.   Size 2 US needle gets, you guessed it, 2 dots along the handle. Size 11 beaster needles? how about 2 short horizontal lines and a dot (each horizontal line = 5, dontcha know).

I’m sure there’s a similar way of doing this for metric, but I can’t seem to get a handle on creating .25 of a dot, so I stick with US sizes most of the time. If I ever need to know the size down to the millimeter (and I haven’t needed to yet), that’s the occassion where I will actually start digging around for my needle guage.



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