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[Practically] effortless route to a consistantly clean bathroom. {tip jar}

One if the things on my “shalt have or death” list us a clean bathroom. I may never iron, but the very idea of toilet scuzz makes me shiver with fear. But who has time to keep this area clean when it’s usually little more than a flyby location between playpoints?

You do, that’s who. Especially if “you” happen to have a toddler with a daily bath as part of his or get routine.

Think about it. You’ve gotta be in there watching as she makes bubble beards and so on, right? Why not give the bathroom a quick once over while your there? You don’t even have to do everything. Just pick one task each night and have at it. Just 2 minutes effort each night will combine forces to keep bathroom brand dust bunnies at bay, and your porcelain glossy.

Within a week your bathroom with be a gleaming testament to your dedication to keep your bowl scuzz free, amoung other things of course. And since your bathroom, like your toddler, will get a clean every night, it will generally stay that way.



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