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The many incidental virtues of a (bi)weekly produce delivery service {tip jar}

Celeriac, aka celery root. Treat it like a potato and you're in good shape.

Eating well is one of those things that we all intend to do at one time or another. However, it’s also one of those things we can very easily fall off the wagon on. The strict mantra of choice, be it “eat more [healthy thing]” or “eat less [unhealthy yet so tempting thing]” is simply too easy to ignore if there’s no real incentive aside from the remote possibility of taking that one step closer to attaining bodily perfection better health.

But let’s say that NOT following through with your intended goal will result in a stockpile of food steadily becoming more ooze-like in the bottom of your crisper. Certainly avoiding that kind of terror would qualify as an incentive, would it not?

The idea of getting a weekly or biweekly produce delivery, be it via local service or CSA, is certainly not a new one. Locavores and Organiciphiles have been trodding this territory for some time with great success. Aside from the obvious warm-fuzzies you get from knowing that your broccoli came from a happy and pesticide-free field somewhere within your local breadbasket, there are some not-so-obvious benefits that such a service can yield.

You can learn to cook stuff you’d previously never heard of.
Kohlrabi, celeriac and galangal aren’t just hard-to-spell words. They’re food things. More importantly, they’re not potatoes, carrots or peas. They’re food-stuffs that reside so off the beaten path that many people haven’t heard of them, much less know how to prepare them. So every time one of these oddities shows up in your bin, you get an opportunity to learn something.

Find new ways of preparing stuff you have heard of.
Nothing says lovin’ like another big ol’ head of cabbage. At least, sometimes it may seem that your delivery service of choice thinks that’s the case. Truth be told, sometimes (especially in the winter, and most certainly if your supplier sources from local growers) the pickin’s can be quite slim. Who wants another round of cabbage rolls for the 4th week in a row? Not I, said the pig. But wait! We live in the modern age, and in just the blink of an eye (and a few twitches of a finger), you can easily dig up dozens hundreds of new recipes for just about anything.

Get your vitamins before they turn to mush.
We’re all fully capable procrastinators, and many times take out chicken balls are just WAY too tempting. Given the choice though, would you rather take the $12.99 plus delivery bill that comes with ordering that Chow Mein Combo of questionable quality and nutritional virtue from you local, or maybe you’d prefer to make use of that head of cauliflower that threatening to become a biology experiment in your fridge (click here for a killer cauliflower recipe).

Got another veggie bin virtue not listed here? Shout it out in the comments below!



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